Katie Johnstone

IT Consultant


Saving You Time

Outsource software development or project delivery work to me and free up your time; you can then concentrate on what's important to you, such as working on other projects that you love, further growing your business or spending quality time with friends and family.


Saving You Money

Recruiting an experienced IT Consultant is expensive. So only pay for help when you need it. No HR overheads such as employee tax, national insurance, pension scheme, holiday pay or sick pay. No recruitment or agency fees. No office space, software licenses or equipment needed.


Flexible Service

I'm available whenever you need additional support; daily, weekly, monthly or just for a one-off project or holiday cover, it's up to you. If you have a tight deadline to meet I will work evenings and weekends to help you deliver on time.

A Little Bit About Me


Hi, I'm Katie and I work from my home office near St. Neots, Cambridgeshire. I love my garden, nature photography and I'm an animal lover (especially kittens and dogs). I dream of one day living by the sea and being able to take daily walks on the beach.

I took the decision to setup my own IT Consultancy business after working for nearly 30 years for others and feeling under appreciated. Also I felt that despite earning quite alot of money that I wasn't really in charge of my own destiny. Additionally I have realised that some companies just need help on certain projects and don't always want or need someone full time; they also want their staff to be highly skilled often without the delay and cost of training them up.

I now work with a diverse range of businesses, all of whom have different challenges to solve and different projects they need help with. I particularly enjoy mobile app development projects, whether it be doing the wireframe designs and storyboards to doing the lower level coding or server side development. Doing any technical work feeds my thirst to learn more and solve more problems. I absolutely love what I do and the ability to help other businesses in the process is very rewarding.

I have a mixture of clients from smaller businesses both in my local area of St. Neots and Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire and Cambridge, to larger organisations nationwide such as a big water company whose activities span across 2 counties. Due to the nature of working virtually I can work with clients in any location, with no geographical limitation.

Please contact me for an initial assessment of your business needs, and feel free to connect on LinkedIn if you would like to review my full background.

I love a challenge and I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and helping your business.

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How I Can Help Your Business


I can help on your project with Design, this could be helping you to put together some initial wireframes for the application or even putting together some full colour layouts showing how your software could look after development. Design is so important these days, taking into consideration the variations of the number of screen sizes and the overall user experience. Also because I have a good understanding of the UI guidelines proposed on Mobile and Desktop you will get a design that will look and feel right on the device your software is going to run on.


I can write software either to a rigid specification or with just a general directional idea. In terms of programming languages my experience is extensive, so even if your project is being developed in a language that I have never used before I have many years of experience to fall-back on. The most recent languages I have worked with extensively include C#, Java, Objective-c, Swift, Python, CSS, Javascript and HTML5. I built this web site and could easily fit into your team, working along side them checking in code and helping out.


If your team has already built some software I can help with testing. It's surprising how asking someone else to carry out simple user experience testing can help you avoid nasty problems after you go live. Additionally I can setup full unit testing environments and write unit tests for the critical part of your software, even if the software has been built without any.


Some companies work with contractors outside of the UK, I understand that and have worked with many. One even banned me from employing UK workers. But things can and do go wrong when you are managing a team (wherever they are) and don't really understand the technology. A colleague of mine recently employed a team in India to build her web site, but she did not understand what she was asking for and ended up getting something built using the wrong technology that was much harder to maintain. I can take that risk away and can not only act as an interface between you and your team but also manage the entire process. Giving you regular updates on progress and them clear instructions on what's needed technically. I can also manage quality and estimate the overall costs.


Because I have worked in a wide range of different roles within the IT industry, I understand about many of the different components like Operating Systems, File Systems, NAS, Databases, Service Buses, Web Servers, Virtual Machines, Front End development languages, Unit Tests, Networks, Caches etc. This means that if your company has a real problem, lets say the system is down I can help you to understand why. Often solving problems involves having a deeper understanding of where things could be going wrong and then being able to eliminate things that are unlikely to be the root cause very quickly.


Lets say you need someone to join your team, you might put out a notice to find someone that knows about a particular programming language. Next time you look you have 10, 20, 30 or more resumes. Now who has the time ? Often someone in HR will do a keyword search which is the worst possible way to eliminate potential candidates. I can help you to sift the wheat from the chaff, I might find 4 of those resumes that match what you actually need technically and can then conduct telephone interviews to really get to know your candidates before you need to get involved. This will save you time and money. Not only that but you wouldn't be paying a recruitment agent, many of whom have no real technical skills, to ineffectively do the same thing.

Client Testimonials


"I am of course aware of how flexible you were and how you worked all hours to meet the deadlines! If you feel this will add value as a reference, I am happy to be contacted."

Vicky Dixon, Head of Operations. Echo Managed Services Ltd.

Please click here to view a case study detailing the latest project I worked on with Echo Managed Services.


"I am really happy with the work that has been completed by your company everything is working really well and efficiently, no problems and very helpful along with clear training on how to use the system."

Kylie Salmons, Metering Team Leader. Cambridge Water now part of South-Staffordshire Water.

Please click here to view a case study detailing the latest project I worked on with Cambridge Water.


"I have worked with Katie in a number of highly demanding roles. We first worked together on some complex asset management projects in the Water industry. Despite frequent scope creep and tight timescales, Katie managed to deliver and most importantly keep my customers satisfied. Dealing with Katie is a pleasure as she combines a deep understanding of software and systems with an ability to learn new techniques very quickly. It also helps that she is good fun to work with and always goes the extra mile to deliver the goods."

Patrick Heaton, Director. Patrick Heaton Consulting Ltd, Cambridge.

My Prices & Discounts

You may require occasional ad-hoc support or a more regular commitment. My prices are designed to give you the best option to fit your requirements. My standard hourly rate is just £50 per hour, with discounts given if you pay for a block booking or monthly retainer in advance. All my work is logged and billed in 15 minute increments, so you only ever pay for the actual time I spend working for you. No rounding up to the nearest hour!


Pay As You Go

Pay as you go (PAYG) work is charged at my standard rate of £50 per hour. Perfect for occasional ad-hoc support with a minimum booking of just 1 hour.


Block Booking

Block bookings are available when booking a minimum of 5 hours in advance and offer a 5% discount.

Hours must be utilised within 4 weeks of booking.


Monthly Retainer

Monthly retainers are available when booking a minimum of 10 hours per month in advance for at least 3 consecutive months and offer a 10% discount.

Hours must be utilised within the calendar month.


Out Of Hours

Out of hours work, ie. evenings (after 5pm) and weekends, is charged at the higher rate of £55 per hour. Perfect for emergency projects and last minute deadlines that you may need completed.

Get In Touch - I'd Love To Help

If you would like a FREE telephone consultation to discuss how I can help your business please get in touch. Either call or email me or fill in the contact form below and I will aim to get back to you within one working day. Please specify whether you would prefer me to contact you by phone or email.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and helping your business.

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  • Working remotely with businesses across the globe from my home office in Cambridgeshire, UK.